“Dance is a universal language that can change the world. Whether I’m on a commercial set, working with an artist, or creating a new work for the stage, I dive into every project living by these words. I love bringing people’s unique visions to life, and together create something magical, captivating and unexpected.”

Andrea Walker Singature



The company was founded in 2014 by choreographer and director Andrea Walker. He is the mind behind 201’s award-winning productions “SMOTHER” and “SKIN”. 

201 Dance Company brings together experienced artists and producers to create daring new work that is socially responsive and accessible. 201 artists share a drive to tell stories that matter and give a voice to underrepresented groups, while bringing striking and original dance to diverse audiences.

The company's ethos centres around creating challenging dance-theatre that crosses hip-hop and contemporary genres. 201 is driven to confront controversial issues and challenge social prejudices, and partner with advocacy and outreach charities to use exceptional dance theatre as a vehicle for engaging audiences in topical social issues.

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"Walker is taking Hip-Hop into thrillingly new terrain" - The Guardian

"A talent to watch" - The Evening Standard

"Walker seeds expressive meaning into a movement vocabulary where we expect the head, not the heart, to go spinning" - The Herald

"This is the new generation of street dance" - The Times

"A showcase for rising talents ... Hauntingly effective" - Chicago Sun Times on Joffrey Ballet’s “HOME”

"HOME is a story ballet for our xenophobic times, an uncomfortable and moving work" - Chicago Stage Standard on Joffrey Ballet’s “HOME”

"HOME is unabashedly political ... Walker finds all the words he needs to persuade in mere — and magnificent — movement" - Stage and Cinema on Joffrey Ballet’s “HOME”

"In what can only be described as a brave work of art, Walker mixes raging intensity and a clear passion for "Dreamers" and their cause with a complex and unnerving take on what "acceptance" really means" - Chicago on Stage on Joffrey Ballet’s “HOME”

"Stand-Out Dance of the Summer" - The Guardian on "SKIN"

"CAPTIVATING and frankly ingenious" - Scotsgay on "SMOTHER"

"UNPARALLELED BEAUTY...A striking dystopian fairytale reminiscent of Jamie Brittain's Skins" - EdFest Magazine on "SMOTHER"

"SUPERB CHOREOGRAPHY. Electric, emotional and empowering, not to mention visually spectacular" - The 730 Review on “SKIN”

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Andrea Walker’s unique inspiration from cinema, hip-hop and contemporary movement has seen him choreograph all over the world.

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